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Asset on the Go

Asset on the go

Today data can be accessed and shared 24 hours a day using a variety of device types from anywhere in the world. Simply locating a device can be a challenge. Ensuring it’s compliant and that the data it contains is secure can often be impossible.

Absolute Computrace® allows IT administrators to remotely control and secure IT assets within a cloud-based interface – the Absolute Customer Center – where they can enforce compliance policies, identify computers that might be at risk, and take preemptive and reactive measures if a security incident occurs.

Computrace also provides Investigations and Recovery services in the event of non-compliant or criminal activities

Computrace works because it’s persistent and provides IT with a trusted lifeline to each device, regardless of user and location. This is possible because the Computrace persistence module is embedded into the firmware of computers and tablets at the factory.

It’s built to detect when the Computrace Agent has been removed. If the Agent is missing, the persistence module will ensure it automatically reinstalls even if the firmware is flashed, the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or if a tablet is wiped clean to factory settings.